Facebook ads are targeted to users based on their location, demographics, and profiles. When you create an ad, you set a budget and bid for every click or thousand impressions it will receive. Facebook users see your ads in the sidebar or in their news feed.

  • ● Increasing sales quality begins with better targeting. With a well-planned Facebook marketing strategy, you can reach your target audience more effectively. It doesn't mean you'll get bigger fish just because the pond is bigger. Focus on what you do best and use Facebook to expand your reach.
  • ● You can better nurture customers, increase awareness, and provide more resources to your audience using Facebook. You can find a lot of information on Facebook.
  • ● Are your competitors always one step ahead of you? Using social media monitoring tools, you can listen to, track, and report on all social conversations relating to you, your competitors, or your industry. Before speaking, always try to improve your listening skills.
  • ● Recruitment is becoming more efficient: No one said it'd be easy, but social recruiting is growing in popularity. Social media can be a great tool for increasing recruiting efforts and reaching top talent more quickly. By engaging your employees' social networks, you increase your chances of recruiting higher quality candidates.
  • ● Facebook can assist you in reducing churn, limiting spend, and increasing acquisition, and each of these components is an integral part of a successful business. Whether it's increased ad spend, better targeting, or social selling, your Facebook marketing strategy can help you reach these goals.
  • ● Keeping track of your progress is important, and with a tool like Sprout, you can keep tabs on all your Facebook reporting, like the one below.


Instagram marketing refers to using Instagram to raise brand awareness and launch new products. You can use Instagram to build your brand and connect with your followers. Over one billion active users make it a great channel for creators and entrepreneurs looking to grow organically.

  • ● The purpose and goals of your Instagram marketing on the platform
  • ● Instagram profile optimization for engagement
  • ● Creating Instagram content your customers will love
  • ● Publish your content on Instagram to maximize engagement

Instagram marketing: why is it important for businesses?

Instagram offers an enormous audience of over 1 billion active users monthly - the ideal platform to reach an audience that is so large. Instagram users spend 53 minutes per day on average on this platform, making it the second most visited social network after Facebook.

Maintaining relationships with clients and prospects is simple with Instagram. Almost 90% of users follow at least one brand on Instagram.

Instagram also offers selling acceleration opportunities. 65% of people surveyed by Facebook in 2019 visited a brand's website or app after seeing it on Instagram. Nearly half of the interviewees purchased from a brand online or in person.

A competitive advantage of Instagram marketing is the ability to reach a large audience that interacts with brands and wants to buy from them. However, this social network also has a few other benefits


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